Please note – all submitted forms must be accurate and legible or they will not be accepted, and they will be returned. If you are not sure how to fill out the forms please let us know and we can walk you through them.

Our admissions team is happy to help: 888-866-4989 option 3.

At this time, we do not have an electronic submission form for anything except our application or course request (see the bright green buttons on the top right!).

There are many options to submit forms:

  1. Ground mail: mail your forms to Ignitia Virtual Academy (ATTN EVA — Admissions)   8860 E Chaparral Road Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85250
  2. Fax: fax your forms to 866-436-0244
  3. Download: download the forms from, complete forms on computer, save forms, email to
  4. Scan to email: print your forms, scan them to your email; email forms to
  5. Smart phone: download free “Pic to PDF/Adobe” app, take legible pictures of forms (front and back), email PDF/Adobe docs to
  6. Take high quality pictures of your signature pages, save, and email to (please note – this is the most difficult to have a high quality picture/form and should be a last resort).

We understand it is frustrating to receive forms back for review or to change them – they must be correct and complete before we are able to accept these documents and use them for the student’s academic file.

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